2 Powerhouse Mushrooms To Complement Your Regular Caffeine Usage

2 Powerhouse Mushrooms To Complement Your Regular Caffeine Usage

If you are drinking caffeine on a regular basis (which is 94% of us), then you’re at risk of a little thing called adrenal burnout or adrenal fatigue. 

Don’t worry:

We’re not telling you to quit caffeine today, but to arm your body with better adaptability so you don’t crash and burn… keep reading... 

When we drink caffeine on a regular basis, we’re taxing our adrenal glands. 

But most of us aren’t ready to give up caffeine because we frankly need the energy it promises…

So don’t give up caffeineInstead: 

Incorporate adaptogens into your lifestyle.

Adaptogens are powerful herbs and other plants designed by nature to make your body adapt better to stress and, well, life. 


Two mushrooms worth your attention are detailed below…

And they also help with brain power, longevity, and anti-aging! 

Here they are: 

1. Cordyceps for power, stamina, and anti-aging 

Cordyceps is used as a natural energy and stamina booster, so effective, it has been known to assist with increasing libido

It also can arm the body to:

That last point is key: 

Reduce inflammation in the body. 

Living life makes us privy to getting hit a lot by:

  • Stress from people
  • Environmental stressors (i.e. traffic, the news
  • Illness and disease...
All of which can contribute to inflammation in the body, which at its base, is the reason that bodies don’t do well (too much inflammation taking over).


Adding cordyceps to your lifestyle can assist in arming your body against the hits it inevitably takes living the day-to-day.


If you’re taking cordyceps and bolstering your energy and stamina through its potent herbal profile— versus ONLY relying on caffeine for energy— you may find you need to drink less caffeine drinks,

Because your body is actually getting stronger. 

Fun fact:

Cordyceps mushroom first rose to prominence in the 1990’s when a Chinese track team commented after winning medal after medal that their performance was largely due to taking cordyceps mushroom supplements. 

Reason why?

Cordyceps can increase your ability to uptake oxygen when engaging in high intensity exercise… which, when you think about it:

Sometimes feels like that’s just what life is: 

A marathon. 

One more thing: 

Cordyceps specifically has been shown to protect the body from aging side effects such as memory decline and hypertension (when the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high). 

Speaking of longevity…

Cordyceps can stimulate the immune system, by boosting the activity of certain types of immune cells, and it’s even shown promise in treating mild to moderate covid 19.  

2. Lion’s Mane for your brain 

An incredible feature of lion’s mane mushroom which classifies it as a nootropic is its effect on the brain, namely:

It contains 2 special compounds (called hericenones and erinacines) which can stimulate the growth of brain cells. Pretty powerful considering one of the hallmark traits of aging is a decline in brain function, even going so far as to degenerate into dementia (which as happenstance, this mushroom can help prevent, too). 

If brain health or warding off neurodegenerative disease isn’t on your list of priorities— 

Then maybe mood enhancement is. 

Yup, lion’s mane has been shown (in animal studies) to reduce inflammation in zones connected with increased depression and anxiety. 


Lion’s mane nurtures the part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is responsible for processing memories and emotional responses. 

If you’re a woman, you’ll like this: 

A study featuring menopausal women showed that consuming cookies with lion’s mane in them for 1 month helped reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability. 

Another adaptability spotlight of lion’s mane is its speeding-up of recovery from nervous system injuries, specifically helping in the repair and growth of nerve cells

To be clear:

Your nervous system is like the internet of your body. 

Nerve cells are defined as special cells that receive and send messages (communications) from the body to the brain and back to the body.

Lion’s mane helps these nerve cells function better. 

How do you add in these mushrooms? 


You can buy powders and mix them into cacao with hot water for power-boost hot chocolate. Best if you add stevia to avoid sugar!

You can also buy capsules online and pop them with your morning or evening vitamins.

And you can switch your caffeine intake to our Wholesome Organics Clean Energy Shots (comes in 3 flavors), which has these mushrooms plus more potent herbs formulated right into the shot— simple! 

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